Is speech free in the PS?

How constrained are public servants in expressing their private opinions in the lead-up to coming elections? Perhaps not as free from restraint as you might think, says John Wilson. 15 April 2016

DoD now controls science research

Control of science and research in Australia now vests in the Department of Defence, which has a veto over communication and collaboration by Australian scientists with their overseas counterparts. 4 April 2016

State to control scientific exchanges

A bad law, due to start in April, will see the work of Australian scientists severely curtailed…or they risk $400,000 fines and 10 years in jail, Kevin Korb writes. 1 Mar 2016

Community groups need safeguarding

Organisations working for the benefit of the community,  including environmental groups, should be permitted to hold Deductible Gift Recipient status, Civi Liberties Australia has told a parliamentary committee.
Click to read submission. 15 June 2015

Hear Collaery speak on ASIO/East Timor

Hear Lawyer Bernard Collaery explain how he is representing East Timor in the ICJ, and how the Australian government and ASIO have been ordered to stop raiding his Canberra office. 7 June 2015

Brandis won’t let IGIS speak for herself

As the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security prepares to step down from her “independent” role, it’s a pity the Attorney-General forced her into silence at Estimates hearings. 29 May 2015

Paranoid controls criminalise teaching

Glaring examples of the counter-productive over-reach of the Defence Trade Controls Act are coming to light: here’s another one, as explained by Dr Daniel Mathews of Monash. 20 May 2015

Legal assault on Australian democracy

‘Parliaments at all levels have been increasingly willing to enact laws that impinge upon basic rights and freedoms essential to the operation of (Australian democracy)’, say Prof George Williams. 13 May 2015

We must hang on to essential freedoms

There’s a danger we could sleepwalk our way into losing our liberties, Michael Cornish says, as he examines some disturbing trends in how people are being treated. 10 April 2015

Govt produces ‘worst legislation so far’

Data retention legislation is awful, but the Minister Dutton’s proposed ‘Refugee Riot Act’ breaks all the international rules about human rights of anyone, not just refugees, CLA says. 8 April 2015