Law and order issues for WA

No matter who wins the next state election, there’s a dire need to deliver a fair go and equity as much as economics and ‘law and order’, says Tom Percy. 5 Dec 2016 

Telling tale of two Senators

The High Court’s consideration of the tale of two Senators – Culleton and Day – calls for a bench of judges to make a ruling for all time, says CLA’s V-P Timothy Vines. 8 Nov 2016

Judgement is a dying art

Everywhere you look – parliament, public service, church, police – old-fashioned ‘;judgement’ and ‘common sense’ are lacking. And the situation is getting worse, not better, says Rajan Venkataraman.  5 Oct 2016

Bought for a pittance, MPs hide details

Australia’s federal MPs are for sale to foreign buyers…for very little, if the Senator Sam Dastyari purchase is representative. Prof George Williams comments it’s time to Act.

TPP: Corporations trump democracy

One of the world’s top business schools has dissected the TPP, finding that it would undermine public accountability, thwart democratic mechanisms and harm millions of people…just for starters. 13 March 2016

Marriage ‘Act of Good Faith’ needed

A same-sex marriage plebiscite could confirm an already-passed law. That way would give the national vote real bite when we cast our ballots, says Tim Vines 24 Feb 16

No power to un-Aussie the native born

The Constitution won’t allow the government to turn natural-born subjects into ‘aliens’ without a referendum. Giving a minister such unbridled power would be ultra vires, says Dr Terry Dwyer. 6 June 2015

TPP will neuter Oz Parliament

Secretly negotiated, signed unseen by the Australian Parliament, handing over sovereignty to multinational corporations and ad-hoc tribunals, there’s a lot wrong with the TPP, Dr Pat Ranald says. 4 June 2015

Who’s afraid of the TPP?

Secrecy hides a potential onrushing tsunami in the form of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, warned MP Melissa Parke in speaking to a new, cross-party forum at Parliament House, Canberra. 27 May 2015

‘I did not know, I was not told…’

Whatever is wrong with our democracy, it needs citizens to take charge and hold politicians to account, Dr Simon Longstaff told a Senate Lecture recently in a thought-provoking address. 7 May 2015

Sophia helps women rule, OK?

From now, women can rank above their brothers to rule over England…and hold sway over Australia. But, of course, they must be Protestant not Catholic (or Hindu) women. 27 March 2015