Gay court says yes to drug

The US Supreme Court has produced contrasting decisions recently: it voted 5-4 to free up gay marriage, but also 5-4 condemned death row prisoners to a possibly painful death. 30 June 2015

Govt urged to push against death penalty

The Australian government should follow up the Bali state executions by leading an international campaign against the death penalty…and reining in the AFP, CLA and others say.  20 May 2015

AFP rules must cause a pause

AFP guidelines currently provide little restraint on police handing Australians over to potential death by execution overseas. Police should instead be forced to adopt and promote our human rights principles. 4 May 2015

JSCOT asks for Bali 9 brief

To try to prevent another Bali 9 death penalty situation, a parliamentary committee – at CLA’s request – is seeking an urgent briefing on current rules binding the Australian Federal Police. 16 Feb 2015

Plea extends to all sentenced to death

When Australia pleads for the lives of two Bali 9 members on death row in Indonesia, it is a plea for everyone everywhere sentenced to state killing, Melissa Parke says. 14 Feb 2015

CLA joins bid for Bali 9 clemency

As threat of the execution of two members of the Bali 9 draws darkly closer, CLA has joined in a direct appeal to the Indonesian President for clemency. 9 Feb 2015

Drone strike kills Aussies: care factor 0

AG Brandis and the government came under fire during Senate Estimates hearings over why Australia apparently did not care when two of our citizens were assassinated by the USA.


Prisoner feels ‘whole body burning‘

An apparently botched execution in the USA has seen a prisoner experience ‘incredible pain’ before dying, exactly as a Harvard medical professor had warned years earlier.

Should beheadings be shown?

Adults using Facebook should be free to read and watch mostly what they want, CLA believes. Sometimes, gruesome material can help motivate people to campaign against what offends them.

China aims to abolish death penalty

China is aiming to abolish the death penalty, a senior Chinese judge told a group of Australian NGOs at a China-Australia human rights dialogue meeting in Australia in July. While the aim appears to be long-term, closer at hand is a brand new law for th…