Remember, police are regularly wrong

Police always think they’re right: it’s Copper 101. Watchers of Ch 10’s morning program, where police protesteth too much, might recall they’re wrong every time someone is acquitted, which is very regularly. 9 Mar 2016

Politics is eating away at Rule of Law

Insidiously, fundamental justice cornerstones of our society are being eaten away as government Acts and actions diminish respect for, and operation of, the Rule of Law, Lou Coutts says. 4 June 2015

Govt urged to push against death penalty

The Australian government should follow up the Bali state executions by leading an international campaign against the death penalty…and reining in the AFP, CLA and others say.  20 May 2015

Lost in time, a floating wave of people

The human flotsam of Asia is coming closer to our shores, questioning the cocoon we live in. A longer-term answer is needed, better than sending boats back to sea. 19 May 2015

AFP rules must cause a pause

AFP guidelines currently provide little restraint on police handing Australians over to potential death by execution overseas. Police should instead be forced to adopt and promote our human rights principles. 4 May 2015

CLA urges compelling-only appeal test

In a welcome initiative, Tasmania is reviewing how people who may be wrongly convicted can get their case back before a court. CLA is proposing improvements to the bill. 29 April 2015

Bill is pernicious danger to rule of law

A Bill, proposed by Immigration Minister Dutton would give contractors, trained to nightclub bouncer standards only, the right to decide when and how hard to bash refugees in detention. 22 April 2015

Prisons: learning the right lessons

Politicians and prison executives need to think differently about imprisonment: more funds and extra effort put into rehabilitation, with less mandatory sentencing, will pay off, says Doreen Moulds. 14 April 2015

Govt produces ‘worst legislation so far’

Data retention legislation is awful, but the Minister Dutton’s proposed ‘Refugee Riot Act’ breaks all the international rules about human rights of anyone, not just refugees, CLA says. 8 April 2015

12 unite against youth jailing

A proposed harsh new mandatory sentencing law – jailing even more Indigenous children – would simply increase taxes on WA citizens without clear benefit. It should be amended, CLA says. 18 March 2015

How shock jocks sabotaged bail

Shock jocks can do good…but they can also do great harm as naysayers, like when they joined with rabid tabloids to sabotage brand new NSW bail laws in mid-2014. 16 March 2015.