Bulging prisons? Recidivist politicians

Inmate numbers and prisons keep growing in Australia, even as crime falls worldwide. It’s scandalous that incompetent politicians keep building jails and locking more people up, says Ross Fitzgerald. 2 Jan 2017

Smoke clouds fair, trade agreements

Australia still awaits final resolution over its right to mandate ‘plain’-packaged cigarettes, with one case still outstanding even though more than $100m has probably been spent on legal fees. 2 Sept 2016

Where there’s mirrors, there’s smoke

The smoking debate is vexed, and fanciful claims about second-hand smoke effect, particularly outdoors, do nothing to contribute to the tolerance needed for pro- and anti-groups to happily coexist. 12 April 2016

Road to hell lined by parked buses

‘Misguided enthusiasm’ may see inventive police park the bus illegally in trying to combat the drug scourge in rural communities. We need to stay alert to protect our liberties. 26 July 2015

Treat drugs and alcohol equally

A zero tolerance regime, such as with drugs like marijuana in the system, is immeasurably senseless and therefore unfair, many people believe. Time for a change to the law. 30 June 2015

‘Unfair’ drug tests skyrocket 238%

The drug driving laws are immeasurably unfair: there’s no equivalent standard to gradate justice, compared with booze driving…and convictions have suddenly leapt upwards, Andrew Fraser reports. 20 April 2015

Plea extends to all sentenced to death

When Australia pleads for the lives of two Bali 9 members on death row in Indonesia, it is a plea for everyone everywhere sentenced to state killing, Melissa Parke says. 14 Feb 2015

Parke wants to save our genes

A foolish, lazy parliament refuses to safeguard rights to our own genes, putting Australian women at distinct disadvantage to American women in testing for breast cancer. 26 Nov 2014

Project STOP: not to be sneezed at

Eyes glugged, nose clogged, ears muffled, you seek a pharmacist’s help… only to be told to STOP. Do you really think we’d get this sick just for drugs? 1 Nov 2014

Students: to pee or not to pee…

A US court has just ruled American uni students can’t be forced to undertake mandatory drug tests. Are any Australian colleges trying this on? Let CLA know.

We need ‘drug sanity’ in Oz

At last, says the New York Times in a formal Editorial opinion, the USA is taking ‘A Saner Approach’ to marijuana and drugs. When will Australian politicians learn?