Popping the marriage question

Absent the planned plebiscite, we’re not having the robust marriage debate we should be having. Max Thomas weighs in with observations on a core question: what is marriage for? 21 March 2017

Court out by sexism

Professions should lead the way for society, so why are female lawyers so relatively poorly paid, under appreciated and subjected to dismissive slights. Ben Aulich ponders the problem. 10 Feb 2017

Bevege achieves win for choice

A NSW tribunal has ruled it’s illegal to segregate public meetings on gender. The ruling, at the request of CLA member Alison Bevege, may have national and international ramifications. 5 March 2016

Maintaining the (female) rage

Men and women of Australia forget how PM Whitlam’s government changed the life of females in Oz forever: Gough’s women’s advisor, Elizabeth Reid, reminds us the rage needs to continue. 25 June 2015

Trafficked women suffer doubly

Some women who appear to be criminals are actually coerced into crime as victims of traffickers, says barrister Felicity Gerry, who calls for changed attitudes throughout the legal system. 14 May 2015

Sophia helps women rule, OK?

From now, women can rank above their brothers to rule over England…and hold sway over Australia. But, of course, they must be Protestant not Catholic (or Hindu) women. 27 March 2015

Dunstan book: engaging, well researched

Don Dunstan, the man who put the Swing into the ’60s in South Australia, was a reformist who achieved profound change after years of deep-seated conservatism. 26 Dec 2014

Parke wants to save our genes

A foolish, lazy parliament refuses to safeguard rights to our own genes, putting Australian women at distinct disadvantage to American women in testing for breast cancer. 26 Nov 2014

Gough memories: state of origin

Most people of a certain age have a Gough Whitlam story: here’s a couple more anecdotes from the quick quips and after-dinner range. Vale. 27 Oct 2014

Times features CLA over burqa ban

MPs – and the PM – should be wary of banning Australians from their own Parliament House because of their choice of clothing, CLA has joined others in warning. 2 Oct 2014

Rights on the right, as well as left

Sometimes, conservative governments can introduce liberties and rights that governments of the left can’t, Prof George Williams says. We should hold out hope for progress under PM Abbott.