Police rule…by divine ‘right’?

Protest laws around Australia are being beefed up against the citizen as police seek ascendancy over the people in a dangerous shifting of the democratic power balance in society. 19 April 2016

East Timor is mad as hell…

Australians with intimate knowledge of our sleazy dealings over oil reserves with East Timor are delighted the Labor Party has announced a change in policy. John Martinkus explains why.  19 April 2016

Is speech free in the PS?

How constrained are public servants in expressing their private opinions in the lead-up to coming elections? Perhaps not as free from restraint as you might think, says John Wilson. 15 April 2016

TPP: Corporations trump democracy

One of the world’s top business schools has dissected the TPP, finding that it would undermine public accountability, thwart democratic mechanisms and harm millions of people…just for starters. 13 March 2016

State to control scientific exchanges

A bad law, due to start in April, will see the work of Australian scientists severely curtailed…or they risk $400,000 fines and 10 years in jail, Kevin Korb writes. 1 Mar 2016

Marriage ‘Act of Good Faith’ needed

A same-sex marriage plebiscite could confirm an already-passed law. That way would give the national vote real bite when we cast our ballots, says Tim Vines 24 Feb 16

Possible crimes need investigating

Paying cash to people-smuggling crews appears to break several Australian laws, CLA says in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry, working from un-contradicted media reports.  22 July 2015

Govt moves to constrain dissent

Should groups be able to speak out against government policy…and still retain their federal funding? A committee is investigating, but what do you think? 18 Jul 2015

ICJ to campaign for rule of law

A leading legal body in Australia is so deeply concerned about abuses of the Rule of Law in Australia that is compiling evidence of transgressions and planning a national conference. 3 July 2015

One citizenship for all Australians

There’s emerging agreement that the proposed citizenship laws are probably headed for the High Court, where the Australian government’s ability to strip people of citizenship will likely be curtailed.  2 July 2015