HC proves need for HR Act

The High Court has struck a blow for Australians’ freedom to protest and speak up by ruling that Tasmania’s draconian 2014 laws were unconstitutional and showed ‘Pythonesque absurdity’.

CLA helps prepare for rights dialogue

CLA Director Jennifer Ashton reports on behind-scenes work helping the government to prepare for dialogue with Vietnam, in which Australia promotes greater adherence to human rights norms. 19 July 2017

Let’s protect our right to health

Patents protect intellectual property, but what safeguards right to health? With courts permitting patents over medical ’things’, parliament may have to legislate to ensure people retain their health rights. 9 Aug 2017

Rights in Oz: ‘regressing all over’

As Tasmania and Queensland consider introducing Bills of Rights, a new book points out that Australians’ liberties and freedoms are being wound back, rather than being maintained and reinforced.. 8 Aug 2017

Improving expungement law

Queensland, like other states and territories, is introducing a new law so historical homosexual convictions can be expunged from people’s criminal records. CLA is suggesting some simple improvements. 5 June 2017

Enacting human rights for Tasmania

What we take for granted is not guaranteed, and could easily be taken away from us. We should enshrine our rights and liberties in foundational law, says Eva Cripps. 30 May 2017

Dutton airs his knowledge of fakes

Immigration supremo Dutton’s media releases are masterful examples of pejorative PR. Nobody can spin “fake” better, in more ways, than the Minister for abuse of refugee language. 24 May 2017

Wrongfully convicted…would I lie to you?

There’s a rash of proven wrongful convictions in the US and UK, but Australia’s ‘justice’ system ignores the signals from overseas that the same problems are probably evident here. 23 March 2017 

Popping the marriage question

Absent the planned plebiscite, we’re not having the robust marriage debate we should be having. Max Thomas weighs in with observations on a core question: what is marriage for? 21 March 2017

Is modern slavery law up to the challenge?

Modern slavery – child labour, prostitutes, oppressive factoies – are rife throughout the world, and Australia, with maybe 5000 slaves,  is not immune. Government is considering a new law here. 2 Mar 2017