Police rule…by divine ‘right’?

Protest laws around Australia are being beefed up against the citizen as police seek ascendancy over the people in a dangerous shifting of the democratic power balance in society. 19 April 2016

Criminal incompetence: police & firearms

Firearms registries restrict only innocent, law-abiding licence holders and do nothing for preventing or solving crime, according to shooters. It’s time for a re-think of the system. 8 April 2016

Remember, police are regularly wrong

Police always think they’re right: it’s Copper 101. Watchers of Ch 10’s morning program, where police protesteth too much, might recall they’re wrong every time someone is acquitted, which is very regularly. 9 Mar 2016

Road to hell lined by parked buses

‘Misguided enthusiasm’ may see inventive police park the bus illegally in trying to combat the drug scourge in rural communities. We need to stay alert to protect our liberties. 26 July 2015

Politics is eating away at Rule of Law

Insidiously, fundamental justice cornerstones of our society are being eaten away as government Acts and actions diminish respect for, and operation of, the Rule of Law, Lou Coutts says. 4 June 2015

AFP rules must cause a pause

AFP guidelines currently provide little restraint on police handing Australians over to potential death by execution overseas. Police should instead be forced to adopt and promote our human rights principles. 4 May 2015

Why are we militarising customs?

The proposed new Australian Border Force – never publicly justified – will be a costly mega-agency destined to produce a mistrustful workforce and officer persecution, based on departmental histories. 23 April 2015

Bill is pernicious danger to rule of law

A Bill, proposed by Immigration Minister Dutton would give contractors, trained to nightclub bouncer standards only, the right to decide when and how hard to bash refugees in detention. 22 April 2015

95% of court hair testimony flawed

The FBI has finally admitted that for 20 years its ‘experts’ gave flawed testimony about supposedly reliable forensic tests on hair samples in hundreds of major murder and rape trials. 21 April 2015

Police breaking the law is costly

It’s often forgotten, because the price is paid slowly over many years, that bad police cost taxpayers a lot of money, as Chicago has learned over more than 20 years. 21 April 2015

‘Unfair’ drug tests skyrocket 238%

The drug driving laws are immeasurably unfair: there’s no equivalent standard to gradate justice, compared with booze driving…and convictions have suddenly leapt upwards, Andrew Fraser reports. 20 April 2015