Is secretly photographing people OK?

You take a ‘happy snap’ of your neighbour, or her child, over the fence without their knowing? Is this OK in Australia? Do we need a new law around privacy? 14 April 2015

We must hang on to essential freedoms

There’s a danger we could sleepwalk our way into losing our liberties, Michael Cornish says, as he examines some disturbing trends in how people are being treated. 10 April 2015

Financial privacy is a human right

Historically, we curbed the excesses of kings, but we’re now allowing bureaucratised, global and irresponsible government concoctions to ride roughshod over our privacy and rights re money and tax. 11 March 2015

You should care about Creeper Laws

Most new laws wash by people, unconcerned. But proposed data retention laws will gobble up your private life and expose it to the government. Be warned, Eva Cripps says. 7 March 2015

Is it a duty to encrypt your data?

Proposed mass data retention is so over-the-top repressive, here and in the UK, that some citizens have a positive duty to protect their sources, writes Crikey’s Bernard Keane. 21 Jan 2015

Your data anonymous? Ha!

Can you safeguard your privacy? No, says Stillgherrian, pointing out that a simple taxi ride might reveal all to anyone with prying eyes and evil intentions. 25 Nov 2014

Victoria passes ‘sexting’ laws

New and enlightened ‘sexting’ laws will prevent young people from getting criminal – and sex offender registry – records just for innocent selfie photographs. Other states should follow suit.  16 Oct 2014

Diverse groups ask for more thought

Diverse interests, from Muslim groups to CLA, have combined to ask the government to delay its latest tranche of terror laws to allow more consideration and consultation. 16 Oct 2014

Only the people can reclaim democracy

It’s inexplicable why the Newman government has returned Queensland to ‘its dark past’, former Commissioner Tony Fitzgerald says. Only the people can save the state. 16 Sept 2014

I could go to jail for this next month

ASIO is in the subterfuge game. That’s why they’re saying harsh anti-privacy laws are targeting jihadists. But that’s not the reason the laws were written. 26 Aug 2014

Tips for privacy, security online

Privacy-invasive new spy laws are likely to pass parliament in the next few weeks: here’s how to practically make yourself about as protected as possible. 22 Aug 2014