Dutton fails, pays price with our cash

Immigration Minister Dutton says the government was in the right over Manus refugee claims…but he has handed over $90m hush money anyway. Is he wastrel, or just wasteful. 20 June 2017

Our responsibility, their rights

The 2000 ‘parked’ refugee seekers on Nauru and Manus need urgent help…but let’s not forget the other 28,000 souls lost in the sole ‘solution’ like ours in the world. 1 June 2016

Suggesting solutions for refugees

With few solutions to the nation’s long-term refugee puzzle coming forward, here’s a rounded proposal to start resolving the unequal human equation, given flexibility and a little residual compassion. 18 May 2016

Possible crimes need investigating

Paying cash to people-smuggling crews appears to break several Australian laws, CLA says in a submission to a parliamentary inquiry, working from un-contradicted media reports.  22 July 2015

Lost in time, a floating wave of people

The human flotsam of Asia is coming closer to our shores, questioning the cocoon we live in. A longer-term answer is needed, better than sending boats back to sea. 19 May 2015

Bill is pernicious danger to rule of law

A Bill, proposed by Immigration Minister Dutton would give contractors, trained to nightclub bouncer standards only, the right to decide when and how hard to bash refugees in detention. 22 April 2015

Govt produces ‘worst legislation so far’

Data retention legislation is awful, but the Minister Dutton’s proposed ‘Refugee Riot Act’ breaks all the international rules about human rights of anyone, not just refugees, CLA says. 8 April 2015

Lambie: Australian way…or highway

Senator Lambie is proposing some radical changes, by oath! But her solutions are seriously devoid of liberties and freedoms thinking for all Australians, not just her special targets. 19 Feb 2015

Calling on Shorten to stand on principle

As the PM faces problems over picks, the Opposition Leader needs to fix inconsistencies in what Labor’s platform says, and what Labor does, over people seeking asylum in Australia. 3 Feb 2015

64 bodies urge ratifying of OPCAT

From across the spectrum, more than 60 organisations are urging AG George Brandis to ratify – bring into law – the Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture. 15 Sept 2014

They hanged Tommy…and still do

Cruel Australia hanged Tommy-types 200 years ago. Now, we imprison them in foetid cells on far-off islands, so that only sweet smells permeate our cocoons. 3 Aug 2014