Tas. abortion law: will it pass test?

Will a new Tasmanian law against abortion clinic protests survive a High Court challenge? Michael Stokes of UTAS gives his view…but Prof Adrienne Stone disagrees, and CLA comments.

Abortion: right to choose, and protest

The right to choose an abortion, and to protest against abortion, are both important: CLA believes the Tasmanian government has got the balance about right in its new law.

Dec 2008 Newsletter – CLA launches anti-filtering campaign

CLA has launched a campaign to stop the Rudd Government imposting mandatoring internet filtering – censorship – on adult Australians’ access to the internet. The campaign consists of a new website – http://www.censorfree.com.au/ – and a series of eve…

Where are our laws headed?

The future directions for laws and legal matters in Australia is determined in three meetings a year of the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG), which also includes New Zealand.
The July 2008 meeting covered a range of important matters, incl…

Media right to pry v. your right to pri(vacy)

A cops ‘n media TV show/circus in the USA is being sued for $110m because a humiliated victim suicided ‘live’ on air with a gun to the head. The New York Times’ Editorial Observer asks: where’s the line to stop the media becoming ‘brown shirts with TV ca…

What are civil libertarians concerned about?

Read this rundown by Sydney Morning Herald columnist Richard Ackland on what concerns civil libertarians.
If you can’t get through to the SMH site, you can read it here.

CLA helps improve legislation protecting women

CLA welcomes moves by the ACT Government to protect women through the Crimes (Offences Against Women) Amendment Bill 2005. The new legislation includes changes CLA proposed. Read CLA’s media release.