CIAlia…where lies rule, torture prevails

The CIA is become the Stasi of the States, or a state unto itself. Why would Australia work with an agency that its own Congress and people can’t trust? 11 Dec 2014

Terror laws: some good, some unneeded

Delivering the Lionel Murphy memorial lecture for 2014, Prof George Williams gave this excellent rundown of the status of Australia’s terror laws. MPs, please take note. 6 Nov 2014

Red alert: Terror laws on the march!

Australia’s fear meter is ramped to red alert…mainly so scared citizens won’t become angry over new laws that further restrict civil liberties and invade our privacy. 12 Sept 2014

I could go to jail for this next month

ASIO is in the subterfuge game. That’s why they’re saying harsh anti-privacy laws are targeting jihadists. But that’s not the reason the laws were written. 26 Aug 2014

How NSA threatens security

The US National Security Agency is itself a threat to national security, international IT expert and security guru, Bruce Schneier says. And security is more important than surveillance.

The year privacy flew out the window

Our personal privacy took a battering in the past year from our own government and the America’s NSA. What have Australians lost, and how do we get it back?

EU fights back against US surveillance

The EU Parliament may protect whistleblowers for life, and pay them, in a bid to fight back over US phone and internet surveillance on non-US citizens, a new report suggests.

World moves to rein in US spying

The world is fighting back against overweening US surveillance of private global communications, such as phone calls and emails, with moves to create a new protocol to human rights agreements.

Preventative detention: abolish it, says report

Two reviews agree with Civil Liberties Australia: the excesses of the terror laws need to be wound back. Preventative detention laws should be abolished, according to the Independent Monitor of these laws. Rhys Michie gives a rundown on the two recent r…

National security gets review…at last

There’s to be a review of national security. CLA has been campaigning for such a review for years, but we meant a review to remove the excessive restrictions, the over-burden of surveillance, the sweeping away of privacy, etc. Seems the government’s new…

Assange: Silence conspires with injustice

When supporters of liberties and rights get together, it’s called a conspiracy. When the forces of authoritarian repression, government misgovernance and corporate greed get together, it’s called the status quo. Noted author, commentator and speechifie…