Resist drones, mindless drones

As technology intrudes increasingly into our lives in future, we need to be wary of allowing mindless surveillance and killing devices to have robotic control over life and death. 23 Feb 2017

DoD now controls science research

Control of science and research in Australia now vests in the Department of Defence, which has a veto over communication and collaboration by Australian scientists with their overseas counterparts. 4 April 2016

State to control scientific exchanges

A bad law, due to start in April, will see the work of Australian scientists severely curtailed…or they risk $400,000 fines and 10 years in jail, Kevin Korb writes. 1 Mar 2016

Make our liberties match UK, USA

Why does a first-rate – in terms of bounty and beauty – nation like Australia have second-class liberties when it comes to police, privacy and the personal values we should cherish?  24 Feb 2016

Book review: A “Perfect” Crime

Growth of the surveillance state has produced a worldwide movement of fraught people who claimed they are being stalked, or gaslighted, 24/7. Read all about one Australian man’s claim. 31 May 2015

Paranoid controls criminalise teaching

Glaring examples of the counter-productive over-reach of the Defence Trade Controls Act are coming to light: here’s another one, as explained by Dr Daniel Mathews of Monash. 20 May 2015

95% of court hair testimony flawed

The FBI has finally admitted that for 20 years its ‘experts’ gave flawed testimony about supposedly reliable forensic tests on hair samples in hundreds of major murder and rape trials. 21 April 2015

Is secretly photographing people OK?

You take a ‘happy snap’ of your neighbour, or her child, over the fence without their knowing? Is this OK in Australia? Do we need a new law around privacy? 14 April 2015

We must hang on to essential freedoms

There’s a danger we could sleepwalk our way into losing our liberties, Michael Cornish says, as he examines some disturbing trends in how people are being treated. 10 April 2015

Defence pilloried by Senate test pilot

A law just enacted severely jeopardises expansion and growth of Australia’s research expertise, particularly in academic and science circles, in the name of Defence. The effects could be profound. 23 March 2015