Is terrorism being over-sold?

The instant response to a terrorist incident is to ‘declare war on terrorists’, but the chance of dying in a terrorist attack is still very small, says Prof Chris Michaelsen. 22 July 2016

Make our liberties match UK, USA

Why does a first-rate – in terms of bounty and beauty – nation like Australia have second-class liberties when it comes to police, privacy and the personal values we should cherish?  24 Feb 2016

Would it be an offence? ‘Yes’

Is there an inherent danger in the government exaggerating fear, and creating more and more terror laws? Here’s a 100-year comparison of comments that provides a useful historical insight. 15 June 2015

Brandis won’t let IGIS speak for herself

As the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security prepares to step down from her “independent” role, it’s a pity the Attorney-General forced her into silence at Estimates hearings. 29 May 2015

Legal assault on Australian democracy

‘Parliaments at all levels have been increasingly willing to enact laws that impinge upon basic rights and freedoms essential to the operation of (Australian democracy)’, say Prof George Williams. 13 May 2015

AFP rules must cause a pause

AFP guidelines currently provide little restraint on police handing Australians over to potential death by execution overseas. Police should instead be forced to adopt and promote our human rights principles. 4 May 2015

We must hang on to essential freedoms

There’s a danger we could sleepwalk our way into losing our liberties, Michael Cornish says, as he examines some disturbing trends in how people are being treated. 10 April 2015

PM’s bail comment of dubious value

PM Tony Abbott is pushing the boundaries of his legal duties as a citizen in some recent comments on arrests. His bail comments in particular are of dubious worth. 25 Feb 2015

Journal warns health rights endangered

The Lancet medical journal warns the health rights of people and the lives of health workers are at risk as world tensions escalate, as reported by Human Rights Watch. 14 Feb 2015

MPs fail Anzac bravery test

As the 100th anniversary of Anzac Day approaches, MPs are over-protecting themselves with new armed guards inside the Houses of Parliament. What message does that send citizens? 10 Feb 2015

Hicks conviction illegal: US govt

It’s now official! The US government admits Guantanamo inmate of six years, David Hicks, was not legally convicted, and therefore was illegally held in an Australian jail also. 29 Jan 2015