East Timor is mad as hell…

Australians with intimate knowledge of our sleazy dealings over oil reserves with East Timor are delighted the Labor Party has announced a change in policy. John Martinkus explains why.  19 April 2016

Lack of debate causes ‘democratic deficit’

Australia’s Treaties committee has celebrated 20 years, highlighting significant doubts about whether there’s a ‘democratic deficit’ if major national issues are not debated by the full parliament. 26 March 2016

TPP: Corporations trump democracy

One of the world’s top business schools has dissected the TPP, finding that it would undermine public accountability, thwart democratic mechanisms and harm millions of people…just for starters. 13 March 2016

ASIS-ASIO are Govt’s bully boys

Read an extraordinary tale of spook intrigue, bugging foreign cabinet ministers, raid on lawyer’s office, denials, duck-shoves, spurious spin…all in the name of Australia, but deeply un-Australian. 17 June 2015

ALP takes TPP to the community

Large crowd at first ALP community forum on the TPP shows there’s widespread public concern about direction the Coalition government is heading with the 12-nation agreement, and ISDS. 10 June 2015

Hear Collaery speak on ASIO/East Timor

Hear Lawyer Bernard Collaery explain how he is representing East Timor in the ICJ, and how the Australian government and ASIO have been ordered to stop raiding his Canberra office. 7 June 2015

No power to un-Aussie the native born

The Constitution won’t allow the government to turn natural-born subjects into ‘aliens’ without a referendum. Giving a minister such unbridled power would be ultra vires, says Dr Terry Dwyer. 6 June 2015

TPP will neuter Oz Parliament

Secretly negotiated, signed unseen by the Australian Parliament, handing over sovereignty to multinational corporations and ad-hoc tribunals, there’s a lot wrong with the TPP, Dr Pat Ranald says. 4 June 2015

Who’s afraid of the TPP?

Secrecy hides a potential onrushing tsunami in the form of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, warned MP Melissa Parke in speaking to a new, cross-party forum at Parliament House, Canberra. 27 May 2015

NGOs critique Govt response to UN

Twenty NGOs produced a list of criticisms of the timing, quality, and input process around a major UN report by DFAT during an all-day ‘consultation’ in Canberra this month. 26 May 2015