ADF side-steps employment rights

Defence can’t seem to eliminate sexual abuse, but that’s not surprising in a culture where job contracts are antiquated, and skewed towards bosses and domination, writes Kay Danes. 4 June 2016

Is speech free in the PS?

How constrained are public servants in expressing their private opinions in the lead-up to coming elections? Perhaps not as free from restraint as you might think, says John Wilson. 15 April 2016

Govt produces ‘worst legislation so far’

Data retention legislation is awful, but the Minister Dutton’s proposed ‘Refugee Riot Act’ breaks all the international rules about human rights of anyone, not just refugees, CLA says. 8 April 2015

Surveillance creep worry in schools

School CCTV may proliferate as a new academic year begins…but are there dangers? Dr Emmeline Taylor, author of a new book on the subject, explores the issue.

ATO employs incompetent ACC, again

The Tax Office is again employing the Australian Crime Commission. Last time, it cost Australia a fortune. When will the ATO learn…or do due diligence inquiries before contracting?

Do magic rabbits need disaster plan?

One magic rabbit in the US has been freed from the need for a disaster plan. Regulation writers appear to be…well…breeding like rabbits. Animals are under siege: we need a Civil Liberties Action Plan for Animals (CLAPA). Do you have a tale of rules gone rabid? Please let us have your story…

Picking on the powerless: bullies rule, OK

Pro athletes are at the bottom of the pecking order in sport, and get picked on by everyone above them, and by the media, even though they alone carry the responsibility of being drug-free. It’s time we developed a way of giving athletes more say and co…

40 days: still no sports/drugs charge

Forty days and 40 nights after a drama-filled, alarmist media conference staged by the Australian Crime Commission and two federal government ministers, the saga of threats and bullying – by the government, abetted by the sports media – continues. Here’…

Major Mori fights for his own rights

Remember Major Mori, the charismatic, smooth-talking US military defence lawyer who was allocated to David Hicks’ Guantanamo Bay case? While fighting for Hicks, Mori was dudded by his own side…and he is fighting back. Here’s the latest minor win i…

NZ prisoners win smoking Xmas gift

The NZ High Court has delivered an unexpected puff of freedom of choice to the inmates of Auckland Prison. They can, from now, smoke…something they were barred from doing 18 months ago by regulation. The High Court said the way the ban was brought in…

Reject discrimination Bill: Do no harm!

A Senate Committee should reject totally the deceitfully-named ‘Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012’, CLA says. It is not needed, has dumb and dangerous definitions, would create more problems than it solved, and would effectively censor the…