CLA joins call for freedom of choice

State-funded education should mean children have a reasonable opportunity of choosing where they go to school, rather than their religion belief being the determinant, says CLA’s Richard Griggs. 23 May 2015

We must hang on to essential freedoms

There’s a danger we could sleepwalk our way into losing our liberties, Michael Cornish says, as he examines some disturbing trends in how people are being treated. 10 April 2015

12 unite against youth jailing

A proposed harsh new mandatory sentencing law – jailing even more Indigenous children – would simply increase taxes on WA citizens without clear benefit. It should be amended, CLA says. 18 March 2015

CCTV false security in schools

The federal government’s proposed spending of $18m on CCTV in schools is likely to provide false security. If CCTV really helped schools, why spend only $18m on only 50 schools? 2 March 2015

Vaccination: more free speech, not less

Free speech means being able to comment publicly about many issues, including health. We support the national immunisation program, but acknowledge the right of opponents to speak out. 8 Jan 2015

How much have MPs’ salaries risen?

With staff cuts and agencies abolished, aid budgets slashed and our Diggers’ not paid much, just how have MPs salaries fared over the past 20 years? 20 Dec 2014

School ‘reform’ undermines intelligence

By a niggardly, narrow focus on the mechanics of illuminating children’s minds, we’re selling them and our nation short in terms of future intelligence, Des Griffin says. 5 Dec 2014

Victoria passes ‘sexting’ laws

New and enlightened ‘sexting’ laws will prevent young people from getting criminal – and sex offender registry – records just for innocent selfie photographs. Other states should follow suit.  16 Oct 2014

Vines’ article ‘brilliant’, says MP

A medical MP has described an article on vaccination by CLA Vice-President Tim Vines as ‘brilliant’ during a committee hearing analysing how to prevent scare campaigns. 19 Sept 2014

Children face ‘Big Brother’ at school

Fingerprinting of schoolchildren needs proper privacy impact assessment, and parents must have free choice about whether to allow their children to be caught up in the technology, CLA says.