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Nov 2017 newsletter: CLA calls for total overhaul in ‘Rebirth of the Nation’

The citizenship-politician crisis is warning and opportunity that it’s time for a complete overhaul of Australia’s Constitution, two centuries after its drafting. We need a new ‘founding deed’.

And the new basic document to facilitate a ‘rebirth of the nation’ should incorporate a Bill of Rights, Civil Liberties Australia says.

Other items in this issue include:

  • Medical students back euthanasia
  • NZ to get Criminal Cases Review Commission: Australia next?
  • New refugee class action may be equally costly
  • Nationalism bigger risk than terrorism: Greste
  • ASEAN summit won’t discuss civil liberties
  • Forensic scientists, prosecutors, lie to court
  • Could this happen in Australia under S-S marriage laws?
  • Quebec opts for full facial disclosure


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