Has the umpire left the Court ?

The High Court has washed its hands of a precise ruling over the same-sex marriage plebiscite – is this a case of a ‘responsible’ body walking away from its apparent duty?

Oct 2017 CLArion: Govt living in fear is newly afraid of fictitious bodies threat

The government, fresh from ringing itself in a steel-fenced citadel, has announced proposed new legal protection to stop fictitious bodies taking over control of the nation. Meanwhile, the politicians meant to safeguard our Constitution are using weird logic to try to safeguard their own positions of power.

Other items in this issue include:

  • Politicians try to twist law to suit themselves
  • Gene developments make new law more urgent
  • Committee proposes better, more rewarding whistleblower protection
  • Should the Senate pass these laws?
  • What you c’n and c’n’t say on a sandwich board
  • Saga set for public run in new stage show
  • Worker has right to private email sex discussion
  • Lobbying adds to cost of drugs

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Casting my vote in marriage debate

After much anticipation the letter arrived. I opened it and read the question a first time. I then wasted time, yelling abuse across the room and acting like a schoolyard bully by calling out childish names. At one point I nearly had to remove myself from the room. My lap …

When will Australia apologise over TL?

So, Australia & East Timor have reached a “confidential” agreement on a new maritime boundary & how they will jointly develop billions of oil & gas reserves in the Timor Sea … maybe, possibly, perhaps, we’ll see … (“Australia and East Timor strike ‘landmark’ deal to end Greater Sunrise dispute”, …

Rally aims to lift law’s deadweight

Over eight years, there has been so much rallying, so regularly, by respected members of society, that the Sue Neill-Fraser case must eventually demand a formal public inquiry. 23 Aug 2017

CLA helps prepare for rights dialogue

CLA Director Jennifer Ashton reports on behind-scenes work helping the government to prepare for dialogue with Vietnam, in which Australia promotes greater adherence to human rights norms. 19 July 2017

Defamation online…for beginners

Do you tweet, face-off, blog…or just email, and reply to emails? Chances are you’re a candidate for a defamation action, or to be defamed. Read Defamation 101. 15 Aug 2017

T’woo, T’wit: how Trump dominated

Why does Donald Trump’s popularity remains solid among his supporters? Until 2015, it was the mainstream news media (MSN) that made or unmade parties and political leaders in democratic nations. The MSN expressed its abhorrence of Trump as soon as he announced his candidacy for the presidency of the USA. Interestingly, Trump had …

Let’s protect our right to health

Patents protect intellectual property, but what safeguards right to health? With courts permitting patents over medical ’things’, parliament may have to legislate to ensure people retain their health rights. 9 Aug 2017

Rights in Oz: ‘regressing all over’

As Tasmania and Queensland consider introducing Bills of Rights, a new book points out that Australians’ liberties and freedoms are being wound back, rather than being maintained and reinforced.. 8 Aug 2017