Leaping to support four-yearly elections

Now that a bipartisan approach to fixed-term elections is on the cards, here are some suggestions for those thinking about it: A scheduled election every February 29. Election day as a public holiday; we could call it the Democracy Day Holiday. Delete one of the anachronistic public holidays to make …

Polish crisis goes on, media stays silent

One of the pivotal events in contemporary European history seems to have largely bypassed Australia. The event is the constitutional crisis in Poland. Simply put: last week, Poland’s parliament lower and upper house passed three laws that would have given total control of the Supreme Court, and the appointment and firing …

Prodigal power grab ensures shambles

Does the name of the new portfolio – Home Affairs Department – say it all? Are we being HAD? Paddy Gourley explains all the rules of good government now being broken. 2 Aug 2017

Is this the Home Affairs we really want?

You can tell an organisation by the way it sells itself…and by the colour of its shirts, says CLA Director Jennifer Ashton, not a fan of Home Affairs. 24 July 2017

Dutton’s super-iority is dangerous oddity

Most Australians will agree with Greg Sheridan’s opinion piece (“Rushed decision on home affairs could very quickly turn out to be a mistake”, The Australian 22/7/2017) highlighting several serious concerns of national importance. My concern is that this move will lead Australia to being a police state under Dutton. Australia’s national security has become …

Same-same all untouchables

Editor: Despite India liberating untouchables (who live in ghettos) the practice continues. The ABC is airing the BBC’s ‘Joanna Lumley’s India’.  In the program, she visits an untouchable mother whose son had been killed.  Why? Her untouchable son had touched milk in a dairy and ruined it.  Nobody was charged with his murder. …

Take allegiance question to High Court

Should Greens Senators Ludlam and Waters depart meekly, without a legal fight? No, says Terry Dwyer, who argues that it’s strictly allegiance to the Queen, our sovereign, that matters.  19 July 2017

Help Aborigines first, jail them last

The ever-increasing rate of Aboriginal jailing in Australia ‘shocks the conscience’ and comprises ‘unequal justice’, says WA’s Chief Justice Wayne Martin. He calls for urgent meaningful remedies.  10 July 2017

Facebook ID goes on trial

Is Facebook the new self-help tool for citizen sleuths wanting to track down people who have done them no good? Have a gander at this interesting judicial ruling. 20 June 2017