Victorian magistrate Richard Pithouse to face court over road crash

A Victorian magistrate will soon be facing court himself on two charges under the Road Safety Act over an accident at Spotswood, in Melbourne’s west, last year.

Magistrate Richard Pithouse is charged under the Road Safety Act with “failing to immediately stop his motor vehicle after an accident where property was damaged, and failing to give full details of the accident at the police station most accessible from the scene of the accident,” a statement from the Chief Magistrate said.

Chief Magistrate Peter Lauritsen said Mr Pithouse would not be stood down because “the charges were untested”.

“The magistrate is entitled, as is every other member of the community, to the presumption of innocence,” Mr Lauritsen said.

The case will be heard in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court on March 28.

An interstate magistrate will be appointed to hear the charges.

In the interim, Mr Pithouse will not hear any traffic or other criminal cases until the charges are determined.

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